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Practice Guidelines During Pregnancy
  1. Check with your doctor or health care practitioner first.
  2. Any exercise that you were doing prior to conception, you should be able to continue during pregnancy. (I practiced kung fu until my fifth month)
  3. If you would like to begin a new form of exercise during pregnancy, yoga is a great choice. It will help create more body awareness, develop deeper breathing and reduce stress & tension and may aleviate some symptoms that occur during pregnancy.
  4. You must remember during any exercise, should you feel uncomfortable, discontinue the movement. You must listen to your body. If it's tired or fatigued, do not push it. Your body is doing enough work creating you baby, be gentle with yourself.
You should inform the instructor of your pregnancy prior to class. Optimally, you would find a class that you could continue with throughout your pregnancy. A beginning level yoga class may be manageable, or a gentle yoga class may be appropriate. It all depends on your activity and fitness level.

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