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Preparing Body, Mind and Spirit for Motherhood
Carrying and nurturing a child is one of the most fulfilling times of a woman's life. But like most pregnant women, you may be apprehensive about labor and the delivery of your baby. The nine months of gestation can be both exhausting and exhilarating, and preparing mentally, physically, and emotionally can enhance your pregnancy, delivery, and recovery.

Yoga not only develops the strength and flexibility needed to make delivery smoother and more comfortable for mother and child, it can also ease common problems associated with pregnancy, such as excessive weight gain, lethargy, irritability, and backaches. And through regular practice of the "asanas" (yoga postures) and meditative breathing, you can assuage the hormonal ups and downs of pregnancy, find strength and energy, and bond with your unborn child.

Preparing the Body and Bonding with Baby
Yoga asanas, or postures, are an invaluable aide during pregnancy. From the first trimester to the "glow and grow" of the second and third trimesters, at birth and beyond, women can benefit from yoga asanas. A regular practice can reduce fatigue, fortify and strengthen the pelvic area and uterus, exercise the entire body, and improve circulation throughout the body, including the endocrine (hormone) system. Yoga also encourages a woman to celebrate and enjoy the miracle of pregnancy, helping her appreciate her body and enriching the budding connection with her developing child.

Calming the Mind and Relaxing the Body
Traditionally known as pranayama, yogic breathing strengthens the nervous and digestive systems, reduces stress, calms the mind, and increases the flow of much-needed oxygen for both mother and child. It is an excellent way to prepare for birth as it teaches the deep, smooth breathing that is vital for delivery.

The breathing also develops greater lung capacity, which in turn helps generate more energy. When integrated with the asanas, yogic breathing fosters muscular release and pelvic flexibility-both of which are essential during birth.

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